Buds & Blossoms After School Classes

Here at Buds & Blossoms, we offer an array of enrichment classes during the after school hours to kids 4-8 years old;
from gymnastics, creative arts, dance, languages to cooking, we have it all.

Our instructors are all certified professionals in their field. Classes are suitable for children that are 4-8 years old.

Our classes are organized in semesters throughout the school year: September – December (Fall Semester), January to March (Winter Semester), & April – June (Spring Semester). Registration for each term begins approximately one month prior to term commencement and enrollment for the full term is required. Current students will be given early re-enrollment privilege.

Classes will take place on school PA Days and parents are welcome to drop off children for their classes on those days. There are no classes during December & March school breaks or during summer holidays (July and August). Summer camps are offered during those months.

After School Walking Program from Winchester Public School and Spruce Court Public School

1 day a week Monthly Fee $139.00 + HST / per child
2 days a week Monthly Fee $239.00 + HST / per child
3 days a week Monthly Fee $359.00 + HST / per child

**Fall Semester : December & January are prorated for school winter holiday break.
**Winter Semester: March is prorated for school March Break period.
**Siblings receive a 10% discount. Fees include one (1) healthy snack and two classes per day.
**Parents must pick up children by the end of class no later than 5:45pm.
For more information or to sign up, please contact us at 416-655-0695 or info@budsandblossoms.ca
**Please note that due to ministry regulations, children can attend a maximum of three (3) days of after-school programming per week. Children must be picked up by 5:45pm or at the class finish time if attending only a single class.


Acro Dance / Gymnastics

Acro Dance and Floor gymnastics is a fun class that focuses on basic gymnastics skills. Benefits of this class include improved coordination, athletic ability, stamina, team building and communication skills. Physical skills such as kart wheels, front rolls, handstands and walk-overs will be a focus. Skills such as partner balancing and acrobatics will be covered as well.


Turntableism-Intro to Scratch DJ

Let your kids become mix masters with this introduction to the fresh art form of turntableism! This program teaches the foundational skills of using a vinyl record turntable while learning about the culture and history of hip hop. As they learn the professional tools and techniques of DJs, they also have the opportunity to build their hand-eye coordination skills and their ability to express themselves creatively by experimenting with musicality. Get ready to get funky! *This class perfectly compliments our hip hop dance class on Thursday nights!


Yoga for Kids

Every child is unique and goes through stages of development at their own pace. Yoga for Kids totally understands this and works with your child to improve their focus, fitness, concentration and coordination.  We also begin to teach an understanding of their own mind-body connections and how those connections can affect the world around them.


Clay Time!

Each week children will learn the techniques to gradually build their own clay object. Throughout this time, we will also explore the many unique sides of culture, colours, and objects of the art world. Children will learn a brief piece of history, and create an artwork as a nod to our explorations. You can expect jewelry making, murals, clay and much much more!


Les Petits Linguistes-Learn French Through Play

As budding linguists, children will develop an oral foundation in French language through conversation that is appropriate to their current French language level. Led by an instructor, children will explore the French language through storytelling, songs and games, expanding their vocabulary and knowledge of common French phrases.


Little Chefs in Training

Do you have a budding sous chef at home? We’ve got a class for them to blossom in! Little chefs will have a chance to collaborate on recipes and meal planning with their peers in a safe and exploratory environment that strongly encourages a healthy lifestyle and positive relationship with food. As they learn age-appropriate kitchen skills, they will also have the opportunity to put their imagination, creativity and decision-making skills onto their plates. Green cooking practices, nutrition and body positivity will also be an ongoing theme from week to week in their classes that they can bring home and share with you. Bon appetit!


Hip Hop

Get ready to bring home a b-boy or b-girl thanks to our dynamic hip hop class! Your kids will love experimenting with their body’s abilities and exploring their unique dance preferences through creative expression. Instruction will include specific styles of movement including hip hop, break dance, popping & locking, reggae, capoeira and house dance to a variety of exciting and age-appropriate music. In the spirit of hip hop culture, students will be encouraged to create their own moves and combinations based on what they like and how they’re inspired by learning the history of this art form. Hip hop hooray! *This class perfectly compliments our turntableism class on Monday nights!


InterActive Storytime

Each week, kids will go on a journey together through story and movement. Kids become a part of the story, learning themes of diversity and friendship while practicing empathy and building confidence.


World of Dance

Take a trip with Air Buds & Blossoms and learn dance styles from around the world! Russian Character, Bollywood and Afro Caribbean are just some of our destinations – it’s an international dance party. We will switch up styles every few weeks which will keep you on your toes! (pun totally intended!)


Creative Arts

The Creative Arts program is all about providing a fun, engaging environment infused with learning. It focuses on using collaborative hands-on activities through arts and craft-based projects. The program encourages interdisciplinary learning, with ample freedom for imaginative exploration!