Buds & Blossoms After School Classes

Here at Buds & Blossoms, we offer an array of enrichment classes during the after school hours to kids 4-9 years old;
every day a different adventure!

Our instructors are all certified professionals. Classes are suitable for children that are 4-9 years old.

Our classes are organized in semesters throughout the school year: September – December (Fall Semester), January to March (Winter Semester), & April – June (Spring Semester). Registration for each term begins approximately one month prior to term commencement and enrollment for the full term is required. Current students will be given early re-enrollment privilege.

Classes will take place on school PA Days and parents are welcome to drop off children for their classes on those days. There are no classes during December & March school breaks or during summer holidays (July and August). Summer camps are offered during those months.

After School Program does walking pickup from Winchester Public School and Spruce Court Public School.

For kids aged 6 and up:

1 day a week Monthly Fee $149.00/ per child
2 days a week Monthly Fee $249.00/ per child
3 days a week Monthly Fee $369.00/ per child
4 days a week Monthly Fee $449.00/ per child
5 days a week Monthly Fee $539.00/ per child


For kids aged 6 and under:

$12 a day, calculated based on the days you attend.

**Fees include one (1) healthy snack, outdoor time (weather permitting), and one class per day.
**Parents must pick up children by the end of class no later than 5:45pm.
For more information or to sign up, please contact us at 416-655-0695 or [email protected]


Little Chefs

Children will learn a wide range of cooking skills, from food prep to cooking to presentation. They will be exposed to different cultures and their foods. Children will also learn about food safety, kitchen safety, and health and nutrition. Children may handle unique ingredients and learn about different methods of cooking.


Arts & STEM

On Tuesdays, we focus on building critical thinking, problem solving, team work, cooperation, planning skills under the realm of arts and science. With the advancement of technology and in the middle of the information age, we want to develop the young minds to be critical and innovative thinkers. We foster children’s creativity and imagination to solve real world problems and inspire them to make a difference/ improve their lives.


Friendship Club

Developing social skills is one of the most important things during a child’s growing years. Childhood is the essential time to learn the necessary tools and strategies to self-regulate, coping mechanism and bring awareness to their self. Topics include: active listening, social problem solving, making friends, and dealing with bullying, etc. We will rely heavily on mindfulness and mental health exercises and along the way create lasting friendships!



Welcome to Dramedy, where drama and comedy go hand in hand to develop public speaking and storytelling skills. Children will play group games that use their imagination and creativity. The focus will be nurturing self-esteem, language skills, emotion awareness, and logical thinking. Activities such as laughter yoga, improv games, and learning about jokes/stand-up comedy will bring out your children’s inner comedian/performer.


LEGO Engineers

Explore your creative builder side with super cool LEGO challenges, while learning about patterns, basic coding, and math!