Buds & Blossoms After School Classes

Here at Buds & Blossoms, we offer an array of enrichment classes during the after school hours to kids 4-9 years old;
every day a different adventure!

Our instructors are all certified professionals. Classes are suitable for children that are 4-9 years old.

Our classes are organized in semesters throughout the school year: September – December (Fall Semester), January to March (Winter Semester), & April – June (Spring Semester). Registration for each term begins approximately one month prior to term commencement and enrollment for the full term is required. Current students will be given early re-enrollment privilege.

Classes will take place on school PA Days and parents are welcome to drop off children for their classes on those days. There are no classes during December & March school breaks or during summer holidays (July and August). Summer camps are offered during those months.

After School Walking Program from Winchester Public School and Spruce Court Public School

1 day a week Monthly Fee $139.00 + HST / per child
2 days a week Monthly Fee $239.00 + HST / per child
3 days a week Monthly Fee $359.00 + HST / per child
4 days a week Monthly Fee $439.00 + HST / per child
5 days a week Monthly Fee $529.00 + HST / per child

**Fall Semester : December & January are prorated for school winter holiday break.
**Winter Semester: March is prorated for school March Break period.
**Siblings receive a 10% discount. Fees include one (1) healthy snack and two classes per day.
**Parents must pick up children by the end of class no later than 5:45pm.
For more information or to sign up, please contact us at 416-655-0695 or info@budsandblossoms.ca


Buds in Motion

We Jump! We run! We have lots of energy! Through fun games and fitness, we learn how to gain strong confidence and cooperate altogether as a big team. From challenging obstacle courses to fun games of balloon volleyball, we lead students with a variety of sports and games. So, come join us to see our strong Team Buds and Blossoms!


Blooming Artists

Explore the big art world with lots of imagination and creativity! A great opportunity to learn different techniques and to create each and individual unique artworks. We learn through both traditional and new forms of art and see the extraordinary affects that art has impacted our world.


Math Buds

Are numbers and data boring or difficult to learn? No problem! We lead students how to strategize, problem-solve, and most importantly, we have lots of fun and good time learning math! Numbers are way easier to grasp when we incorporate interesting ways to help us learn. Let math be our friend!


Blooming Scientists 

The best way of exploring and engaging with the world is through SCIENCE! Amaze ourselves with the cool observation, labs and experiments. We love making discoveries, hands-on activities, and by STEAM system, students will become THE blooming scientists!


Culture in Bloom

We live in a part of the world with diverse culture and amazing connections. For each culture, there is always an adventure to explore. Through music, food, language and more, students will see how much our culture have influence us and push us beyond greatness!