Birthdays are special; after all, they only come once every year! So why not let Buds and Blossoms create an unforgettable experience for your child? Private parties can be booked on Saturdays and Sundays. There are three time slots to choose from:

leaf-liYou may bring your own ready-to-serve-food into our facility, but it must be nut-free.

leaf-li_1Parents can access the facility 15 minutes prior to party start time.

leaf-li_3Our staff will clean up after your party. Parents are given 15 minutes after guest departure to tidy up.

leaf-li_2Alcohol is permitted when you obtain a Special Occasion Permit from the LCBO.

Event Services

The “Be Our Guest” Package

Had enough of an energy boost or break from baby/kid brain to plan a celebration? Why don’t you take some of the hosting pressure off yourself and bring the party to us? The “Be Our Guest” package gives you the time, space and moral support to make the day go off without a hitch. We’re more than happy to help; in fact, we’re obsessed!

  • flower-li_1Two (2) fun-filled hours of celebration
  • flower-li_2Exclusive use of the entire beautiful Buds & Blossoms studio
  • flower-li_3Lounge area open for the grown-ups
  • flower-li_4Awesome B&B staff member who will assist with set-up and clean-up of the party
  • flower-li_1Coffee, decaffeinated coffee and tea will be provided
  • flower-li_2Bring your own food and party supplies (decorations, plates, utensils, etc.)

** Can accommodate up to 30 guests (adults and children)

Starting at
$319 + HST

The “Let It Go” Package

Are you frozen in fear knowing you’re in charge of a special event? Good news: you can let your hair down, do a fabulous outfit change and adopt a new and sassy level of confidence with our “Let It Go” package! You bring the food and the guests, we’ll bring the party! Choose one of our super cool themes and we’ll take care of the invitations, décor and entertainment for you. Please note: although super fun, we regrettably cannot accommodate building of snowmen.

  • flower-li_1Two (2) fun-filled hours of celebration
  • flower-li_2Exclusive use of the entire beautiful Buds & Blossoms studio
  • flower-li_3Lounge area open for the grown-ups
  • flower-li_4Digital party invitations
  • flower-li_1Instagram-worthy themed decoration
  • flower-li_2Eco-friendly plates and cutlery supplied
  • flower-li_3Awesome B&B staff to help maintain your sanity
  • flower-li_4One (1) superstar B&B instructor-led craft / activity
  • flower-li_1Coffee, decaffeinated coffee and tea will be provided
  • flower-li_2Bring your own ready-to-serve food
Starting at
$599 + HST

The “A Whole New World” Package

Is this your first magic carpet ride in party planning? Not a problem: we’re one jump ahead of the breadlines! Consider us your personal genie – choose one of our party themes and we’ll grant you everything from printed invitations to décor, yummy treats, and entertainment. We’d love to provide you with this package worthy of a sultan so your event is shining, shimmering, and most importantly… splendid.

    • leaf-li_1Two (2) fun-filled hours of celebration
    • leaf-li_3Exclusive use of the entire beautiful Buds & Blossoms studio
    • leaf-li_2Lounge area open for the grown-ups
    • leaf-li_4Option to have printed party invitations
    • leaf-li_2Instagram-worthy themed decoration
    • leaf-li_4FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! Including:
      • leaf-li_1A themed sweet table with vanilla cupcakes, chocolate-dipped rice krispie squares and chocolate-dipped pretzels
      • leaf-li_3One (1) cheese or pepperoni pizza
      • leaf-li_4A veggie or fruit tray
  • leaf-li_4Eco-friendly plates and cutlery supplied
  • leaf-li_2Awesome B&B staff to help maintain your sanity
  • leaf-li_1One (1) superstar B&B instructor-led craft / activity
  • leaf-li_3One (1) party favour for each child guest
  • leaf-li_4Coffee, decaffeinated coffee and tea will be provided
  • leaf-li_2Bring any additional prepared food you would like to serve your guests
Starting at
$799 + HST

Choose from one of our many themes below.

Don’t see a theme you like? Let us customize one for you!

Galactic Adventure

Imagine your child and his / her friends adventuring into a galaxy far, far away. They will be tested as they train for the battle of a lifetime.

All Stars

This is the perfect party for your young sports fan! Run, jump, kick and throw…enjoy a full event that will send the kids home with a win!

Under the Sea

Get ready to dive into an ocean full of fun with this party! Your child and their friends will explore the world under the water. With swimmingly-good games and a sunken treasure box craft, this birthday is guaranteed to be a splash!

All Aboard!

Express coming through! Do you have a little train fanatic at home? Well, hop onboard the Birthday Express!  Your child and their friends will escape the ordinary as they plan, build and execute their own creations in a world full of trains!

Prehistoric Party Animals

Travel back in time and go on an adventure with the largest, most fascinating creatures of our world! Your junior paleontologist will dig and discover all things prehistoric. This party is sure to give your guests a rrroooaaarrring good time!

Art Attack!

Step “outside the box” of a traditional birthday party and discover your inner artist. This party is sure to please everyone’s palette. Choose from a selection of art canvas crafts that your guests will be guided through. They will get to take home a spectacular piece at the end of this perfectly painted party!

Superheroes Unite!

Guests at this superhero birthday can expect to get in on the superhero action. This fun-filled event will give a little “zap”, “pow”, and “wow” to your child and their friends’ day!

Construction Chaos

Grab your hard hat and get ready to enter the ultimate party construction zone! Dig, dump and be the big boss on this job site. CAUTION! Your party will include ground breaking fun for the whole crew!

Call of the Wild

Got a little jungle fan at home? Why don’t you cure that jungle fever with a Call of the Wild party at the Buds and Blossoms studio? Make friends like a new creature or a creepy crawly to explore a beautiful jungle diorama with – their imaginations will go wild!

Storytime Adventure

Have you got a bookworm at home? Then they’ll love this party we’ve got in store for them! The birthday kid and their pals get to listen to a very special read-aloud story… about them! The adventure is a surprise, but it will always be full of fun and laughs. Then when story time is finished, the crafting begins! The heroes and heroines of the story will get to make something special based on a theme from their adventure. Guaranteed to be a page turner!

Tickled Pink

Every wish will be granted if you choose to roll out the “pink” carpet for your child and their royal crew. Discover something magical as you customize this preciously pink party into one dreams are made of! This theme can be specialized into one of the following:
• Ballet
• Afternoon Tea
• Princess
• Fashion Runway
• Spa

Dancing Queen/King

Come join us as we turn the Buds and Blossoms studio into a dance floor! Your child and their guests will have the chance to get down (or get on up) with one of our instructors – choose between hip hop, ballet, modern dance, jazz and salsa themes and they’ll learn some fabulous new moves that they can put together for a choreographed performance that will be almost as fun to watch as it will be to dance! (And if you’re a grown up that can’t stop ‘till you get enough, feel free to join in!)









Starting from $18 per person

Starting from $15/person

Prices above are subject to 13% HST

Whether it’s a baby shower, bridal shower or family holiday party, let us create an unforgettable event for you. Contact us for a bespoke event quotation.

Other Special Occasion Celebrations