Special Events

Happy Bunny Yoga–Fun for Every Bun!

Buds and Blossoms is pleased to announce its upcoming event, “Happy Bunny Yoga – Fun For Every Bun!”. This event combines the memory-making experience of a family- oriented yoga class with the fun and amusement of having bunnies from The Toronto Humane Society freely roaming the studio during the practice.

With this event, Buds and Blossoms hopes to not only support the good works of The Toronto Humane Society and their tireless commitment to animal welfare, but also to encourage pet adoption. The bunnies present for the family yoga class will all be adoptable, and preliminary adoption papers and additional information will be provided for families interested in commencing the pet adoption process. The event will be open to adults and children, with admission pricing of $20 CAD for adults and $10 CAD for children ages 5-12. All proceeds from admission to “Happy Bunny Yoga” will be donated to The Toronto Humane Society.


It is the mission of The Toronto Humane Society to promote the humane care and protection of all animals and to prevent cruelty and suffering.
Following no kill principles, the Toronto Humane Society aspires to be a best-in-class animal shelter – working in partnership with the community to find creative solutions and improve outcomes for all animals. (source: https://torontohumanesociety.com/about-us)