Children’s Class


Les Petits Francophones | NB – 4 yrs 

In this introductory French course, children will learn about shapes, colours, the alphabet and numbers through song, dance, storytelling and puppet shows. Accompanied by a parent or caregiver, children will interact with peers in a social setting while developing an awareness of the French language. Mandatory parent/guardian participation.

Music & Melody | NB – 4 yrs 

Join us in a fun class filled with music, rhythm and melody! Younger children get to explore their vocal capabilities, encouraged by hearing their grown-ups speaking and singing while the older children are encouraged to explore music through a mixture of songs, instruments and movement. Mandatory parent / guardian participation.

Super Kid Gym | 8wks – 3 yrs

Bring your kid along as we explore and advance movements for parents and the little ones. We will play using coordination, listening skills and patterns while moving and grooving through obstacle course. Fine and gross motor skills will be utilized while learning basic anatomy. Mandatory parent/guardian participation.

M&M Time | 2 – 4 yrs 

A class focusing on bonding with your little one through dance and ballet movement! A combination of both classic dance moves for the parents and storytelling/creative movement for the little ones. Both a workout for the parent and a fun/stimulating experience for your child. Mandatory parent/guardian participation.

Mini Picasso | 2.5 – 4 yrs 

An introductory class for young children to learn the basics of art, but most importantly explore and make a mess! As a Mini Picasso, each week children will work primarily as a group to delve into the sensory aspects of the art world, as well as make unique pieces of art to call their own! Mandatory parent/guardian participation.

Blossoming Ballerinas | 2.5 – 4 yrs 

Do you have a little one who is interested in ballet? This class focuses on the fundamental steps of ballet. Story book dancing and props help to keep the class unique while also working on fine/gross motor skills.

Little Gymnast | 3 – 4 yrs 

New to gymnastics? Want to get a taste of what floor gymnastics is all about? Well, look no further! Little Gymnast is a fun class that focuses on basic gymnastics skills. Benefits of this class include improved coordination, athletic ability, stamina, team building and communication skills. Physical skills such as kart wheels, front rolls, handstands and walk-overs will be a focus. Skills such as partner balancing and acrobatics will be covered as well.

Art in the A.M | 3 -6 yrs 

Do you have a little one who is ready to start the weekend with a little creativity and imagination? Art in the A.M. is all about providing a fun, engaging environment infused with learning. It focuses on using collaborative hands-on activities through arts and craft-based projects. The program encourages interdisciplinary learning, with ample freedom for imaginative exploration!

Yummy Tummies | 3 – 6 yrs 

Fun and flavour and food… oh my! Little ones who have entered the wonderful and exciting world of solids will love this safe and encouraging space to explore textures, tastes and colours. With fun and creative activities that adults and kids can do together (and easily recreate at home), we will build the foundations of a healthy lifestyle and positive relationship with food that will stay with them as they grow. Using gross and fine motor skills, colour and shape recognition, imagination, independent decision-making and critical thinking, you’ll have your very own little culinary apprentice in no time! Mandatory parent/guardian participation.

Adult Class



Belles and Barre

Prenatal OR Post Natal Mothers (Min 3mos post delivery)
If you are preparing for delivery, or you’re starting to recover from the takeover, we can begin the process of strategic negotiation to take back your body from its hijacker(s). This class incorporates focused pelvic floor work as well as toning for your whole body. Using weights, resistance and the barre for balance, your goal is to improve strength, coordination, and mind-body connections. (max weights lifted 5-10lbs)


Candlelight Deep Flow

This class is perfect for anyone looking for an opportunity to really unwind, deeply stretch, and rejuvenate the body and mind. Perfect for yogis of all levels. Candlelight, music, and relaxing aromatherapy included!


Meet Me At The Barre

A class focusing on strengthening and lengthening- pliés, sautés and planks, oh my! Total body workout incorporating basic ballet moves along with building your cardiovascular stamina. Starting with a simple warm up, followed by barre work (just like a real ballet class!) and finish in the centre with what dancers call ‘floor work’ (exercises focusing on balance followed by jumps and other moves you may find on the weight room floor).



This is a fitness class that uses Pilates techniques to sculpt and tone your whole body. We will be utilizing body weight, resistance bands, and the ballet barre to achieve results. Babies are welcome to make the class even more fun! Great intro class to get back into fitness from pregnancy while focusing on pelvic recovery. *DISCLAIMER* Pie and lattes will not be served.


Salsa Time

Introduce yourself and your little ones to the moves and Latin rhythms of salsa in this dance and cardio class. Enjoy some bonding time with your little “pepper” by dancing and moving to Latin music.



This Yin style class is gentle and restorative in nature, using props and pillows to find the right fit for you! Class moves slowly through poses, with focus on finding balance with activities you perform daily.



Yoga for yo mommas and yo papas. This program allows for the stay-at-home parent to practice yoga techniques. Pre and post natal mums will be coached for adaptations and modifications.



The world-famous dance cardio class right here at Buds and Blossoms! A high energy class combining the styles of salsa, merengue, hip hop, mambo (just to name a few) along with strengthening and muscle conditioning movements to create a very addictive, total body workout.

Childminding Class Description

Let our professional staff take care of your little ones while you enjoy a class in our studio.

What’s the Cost?
Whether you buy a single drop-in class or 12 class card, they both include childminding for one (1) child per class. Each additional child is $5.00 plus HST per class.

How to Reserve A Spot?
Spots are limited. Remember your class / pass price already include childminding for one (1) child. If you are bringing more than one child, please reserve your spots here.

If I Need to Cancel…
Let’s be honest here. When it comes to children, nothing is predictable. Therefore, you can cancel up to 2 hours in advance and we will apply your payment as a credit onto your account. Cancellations made under 2 hours will not be credited. Thank you for your understanding.

Who Can Participate
Children 8 weeks old to 6 years old.

Hours of Childminding Operations
Hours vary each day. Please check our availability